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The Grass is Always Greener at Bettencourt
Bettencourt is a full service landscaping company providing landscaping services ranging from installation to maintenance.

One Call, One Bill Service

Knowing your busy schedule we realize that many people don't want to worry about whom to call when something goes wrong. So we have just made it easier. In addition, having Bettencourt Irrigation maintain your lawn enables us to monitor both your irrigation system and your lawn.

Service Contracts

Total Lawn Contract:

We understand the investment our customers make in their landscape by installing an irrigation system, and we want them to be rewarded for it.  So in 2007 Bettencourt Irrigation and Landscaping will be offering a complete maintenance contract for customer’s lawns. This contract it will allow the professionals at Bettencourt Irrigation keep a close eye on any changes in the condition on your lawn.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Professional treating, mowing, and keeping a close eye on watering times to ensure your lawn stays healthy throughout the season.
  • Bettencourt Irrigations prompt services extended to all your landscaping needs.
  • No unnecessary finger pointing between different contractors.

Irrigation and lawn maintenance rely heavily on each other therefore it is imperative that you have the proper amount of water and feeding to keep your lawn green all summer long.

We offer competitive mowing and lawn care rates, and top-notch service.

Call us today for one call, one bill service.

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Individual Services:
These services can be purchased separately, or all together email/call us today to get your free estimate
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