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Starting in 2007 Bettencourt Irrigation is starting new services for new and current clients.

Personalized Irrigation

We Install all types of irrigation systems for lawns, trees and gardens. Take a look at some of the pictures of the jobs we have done and types of irrigation systems on this page. Please get in touch with us if we can be of any assistance.

Guaranteed 24 Hour Maintenance

Service Contracts

Irrigation Contract:

Bettencourt Irrigation understands during the summer our clients do not want to be fooling around with the irrigation.  So why do it?  Have the professionals at Bettencourt make monthly stops at your property to make sure your timer is programmed appropriately for the time of year.  This service insures your lawn is getting the necessary water during all phases of the summer months.

Drip Irrigation
Click through the images to view sample drip irrigation techniques. The drip irrigation installed by our company is specifically designed to hit only a target area (Usually at base of trees or in small strips of grass). This technique is used in trees so that grass or weeds don't grow where your trees aren't. We can fluctuate how much water EACH trees gets.

Window Boxes
One of our specialties is watering window boxes. Having your window box tied into to your irrigation system makes the maintenance extremely low. With this system you can be assured that your window boxes receive the right amount of water. Bettencourt Irrigation can install irrigation to any of the boxes on your house.

Individual Services:
These services can be purchased separately, or all together email/call us today to get your free estimate
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